Welcome to our farm! From the milking to the packaging it is all done right on our farm. Our business started in 2012 with a desire to teach our children about hard work and farm life.  Our children's participation with the care of the herd and appreciation for the many benefits they provide is of extreme importance to us. 

Our hope is that our customers not only love our products but also get to know the herd behind the products.  Please take a moment to visit our "Meet the Herd" page or visit us on Facebook as well.

Why goat milk, in skin care products, that's strange....  Well here's why!

Goat milk contains many natural skincare benefits. Lactic acid works as a natural exfoliator and it is also high in Vitamin A.  Goat milk is also high in fat content, which serves as a natural moisturizer. We take a great deal of pride in providing high quality products.